Supporting Families through all stages of life

Kerry Glasier
Ayurvedic and Wellness Conscious Caregiver​

Ayurveda Coaching

“With kindness and empathy, Kerry Glasier educates and empowers families to heal together, learn together and grow together.”

With over 20 years of experience, across multiple disciplines, including yoga, massage, energy work, positive psychology and Ayurveda, Kerry Glasier combines these principles to create a comprehensive healing program.
Understanding that every person has their own unique makeup, she takes an individual approach to healing, wellness and longevity.
Connecting families with empathy and relatability, she helps them through the many transitions of family life. Through education, connection and support people will learn healthy ways to express themselves without displacing their feeling to others. Ayurveda teaches us the need to digest every sensory experience with the help of the different types of Agni.(Fire). If not digested these stimulus will leave neurological impression in the brain. You are specifically prone to sensory input during periods of emotional or traumatic transitions.
Creating a strong family unit will increase self-regulation which is the most lacking character skill in the United Stated. Think about it….when was the last time you stuck to a New Years Resolution?
Through mindful parenting your children will emerge into adulthood gradually.

As a mother, I will never be finished parenting my children. I do not force my beliefs on them but support their decisions, respecting them as adults. I find this creates a trust, resting in the assurance that you will not place blame or judgement upon them, allows chidren to feelcomfortable and to confide in you as noy only as an elder but because thye value your opinion and find comfort.

Much of my work is with families throughout their lives.

Individuals woudl also benefit from Rhythms Coaching

I hope to leave the world a ittle better than when I arrived.

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