Hi!  It's taken a long time to get here, but YAY!!!!!!  All the time, training, working, studying etc....paid off....well emotionally speaking.....I am Kerry Glasier and have been in the Wellness field for 25 years.  Through out those years I trained in several different areas, raised children and worked in the currrent field of interest!  Why did I switch paths so often????  I have ADHD...lol...really I had a thirst for knowledge.  I could not learn enough!  The most amazing thing hppens when studying healing modalities, you MUST do the work on yourself before anuthing else.  I was able to identify my own emotional triggers and beliefs from my childhood that were limiting my success.   I no longer identify with these beliefs and needed to do the work to let themgo.

 Sometimes I would start courses and wonder how it would all tie together.  Now it is clear, my path may have been a long windy road but every step of it was essential to creating who I am today.

The culmination of this path is Rhythms (tm) Conscious Coaching Support for individuals and families experiencing transition. These transitions are referred to Kayakalpa, in Ayurveda.  Otherwise known as body time.  A time when your entire being is open to healing and returning to your natural state of being.

I grew up in a rural town, with miles of woods behind our home which we could explore as we wished.  We would disapear for the entire day, always feeling renewed, engaged and excited to return the next day,  Waking with the sun, playing all day with nature and sleeping when dark. It felt so natural, so healthy, so freeing.  I chalenge us all to become mmore involved with nature, communing wit hature.  I challenge one to deny their own happiness increase!  This is what years of studying and preactiving has taught me.   Action is what reaps results and without the submersion on oneself in nature they will be unable to reap the full benefits.

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Kerry Glasier, Ayurvedic
Conscious Support and Care


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